Tiggy P -  “As a lady rider I have enjoyed club rides that Luke has led for a few years now. Luke knows the local and surrounding area really well so they are always lovely routes on quiet roads and always with an excellent (obligatory!) coffee and cake stop.

Rides are always well organised, both from a safety perspective-he blows a whistle for example to tell everyone to get into single file where necessary-but also in ensuring no one goes too far ahead or gets left behind. He will slow the pace if required to ensure the group stays together. ‘We go out together, we come back together’. 

He’s been helpful in offering advice when on the ride, whether to help with cycling technique or mechanical subjects and he’s very generous with getting his hands dirty and putting chains back on and mending punctures (thanks Luke). 

I have found him very supportive and encouraging. Everyone from the fastest to the slowest enjoys a great ride and I have found the rides have really developed me as a cyclist.”

John E - "Luke is an excellent ride leader who takes care to plan interesting and challenging routes with well-placed cafe stops fitted in.  He leads the group with authority and inspires confidence at all times.
Luke will be an asset to any group looking for leadership and/or guidance.”

Chris D -  “Luke has been leading North Hampshire Road Club rides for many years now. He has a vast knowledge of local roads, routes and cafe stops.

He has introduced new routes over the years and organises the rides well in advance, even booking tables at the busier cafe stops, if he thinks there is going to be a large group out.

At the start of ever ride he always gives clear and concise instructions to all the riders to ensure the safety of the group, and other information regarding the ride. 

He will happily give cycling advice to new (and old!) riders regarding racing, group riding, bike maintenance, etc. and even helps with any mechanical issues that may arise during the ride.

I have been riding with Luke on NRHC club rides for nearly 8 years now, and always feel confident that he has the group under control and that everyone is enjoying it. After all, that is what it's all about!”

Des G – “For the past six years I have had the great pleasure of knowing and riding with Luke.

We are fellow members of North Hampshire Road Club for whom Luke is the present Chairman

It is fair to say that Luke has played a pivotal role in my development as a cyclist and now club group leader”.

“Riding on one of Luke’s rides is always a great pleasure as he has a natural ability to lead a very inclusive ride regardless of ability that becomes very evident on the rare occasions that he is not available to lead”. 

What Luke brings to his rides is:

  • Many years of experience with a willingness to pass this on. 
  • The ease with which he gains respect.
  • Safe inclusive riding where everyone can grow in ability.
  • Preparation and clarity on routes and objectives.
  • Clear and constant guidance throughout the ride.
  • Time spent developing new routes and destinations.
  • An easy ability to advise and encourage especially when the going gets tough.
  • Many years of bike mechanic experience which he brings to the roadside.
  • Strong first aid and emergency protocol.
  • Being able to manage many characters and abilities at once, maintaining a unified harmony within the group.

“As a bike mechanic Luke’s many years of experience growing with industry development and ever changing technology, give him a clear strength that he brings to any job or situation”.